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Improved Health. Lowered Costs.

Health™ provides integrated disease prevention and health promotion solutions which can be implemented with any type or size of group healthcare plan.

The solution starts with complete group screenings and assessments and moves to individual risk programs as well as team approach to wellness.

Our solution includes proprietary products and services which lowers employer costs, improves participant health and enhances enterprise productivity. It is the combination of individualized personal touch with Health™ professionals and the efficiency from leading edge technology that assures employee engagement.

The Health™ solution is the only fully integrated program where the costs are self funded. The costs for these programs can be structured so that they are budget neutral to the employer or group plan provider.

Click Here for a short video about the Engagement Health Plan. 
The video takes about 4 minutes to view.  Please call PFP at 800-288-5215 to discuss setting up a time to speak with us about the Engagement Health Programs for your company.

Health™īs uniqueness comes in the combination of products & services to achieve the results of lowered costs, improved health and enhanced enterprise productivity.

  • Proprietary Participatory Underwriting™ Design System.
  • Proven Employee Communications.
  • Evidence Based Health Promotion and Prevention Programs.
    • Bi-annual health screenings.
    • Regular lipid profiles.
    • Health Risk Appraisals.
    • On-line secured Health™ Prevention Profile for all adult participants.
    • On-site health kiosk and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for uploading participant's health information.
  • Professional Health Counselor Network, Internet Enabled Kiosks, Remote Devices and Website.
    • Web products, tools and systems that are designed to maintain confidentiality and trusted privacy.