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Dental Plans

Discount Dental (With these type plans you use network dentist to get discounts or pay flat amounts toward services.  With this coverage...you'll know in advance what you will pay for each specific service by looking at the schedule of fees provided when you are signing up for coverage.) 

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Traditional Dental ( Use either Network or Any dentist depending on the plan to utilize services after a deductible and then co-insurance.)

Interested in Traditional Dental quotes? ...Click the links below to quote the various Carriers and Plans available.

  Secure DentalONe

Individual Dental Plans:  We have dental plans that SEAMS Members or other individuals can take advantage of in order to have the best plan to fit their budget.  We have true Dental Insurance Plans to Discount Dental Plans.  Click here to find out more info on our discount plans now or to enroll.  If you are interested in Full Coverage Dental Insurance,  click on the links above or call us at 1-800-288-5215 to inquire about other plans that may be available.